The Greater Théodish Doomsday Book

Greater Théodism is a branch of Théodish Belief that was founded by Gárman Lord Cyning in 2000 CE with the publication of the book Way of the Heathen as a means for those outside of the Wínland Ríce (High Théodism) to be a part of the Théodish “web of thew” and authentically practice Théodish Belief. 

Who may be a Greater Théodsman?
Anyone who has read Way of the Heathen and sworn the Greater Théodish oath may be called a Greater Théodsmen so long as they uphold that oath and keep Théodish thew. To be added to the Greater Théodish Doomsday Book (OE: Dómesdægbóc), you may write to the Greater Théodish Steward here.

Greater Théodsmen and Greater Théodish Léodes
[To be listed]